We celebrated a couple of birthdays in May.  Big Boy and new Sister both turned 1.  My goodness the difference between when they were puppies and now.



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I’ve been MIA…

Life gets busy… especially when you have 2 kids under 10, and multiple LARGE dogs.

I just looked, my last post was in February.  I should be better about writing more often, but as I said above, life gets busy…

How has it gotten busy?

  • School
  • Kids sports
  • Activities / hobbies
  • Dog shows
  • Work load
  • Laziness (guilty)

I know, excuses… excuses…  I sit at a computer all day for work, you’d think this writing “thing” would be easier to keep under control.

I think around when I did my last post we actually brought in another dog.  If you’ve read my blog before, you know that we had to re-home a dog because he wasn’t getting along with his “fur siblings.”  He’s now THRIVING in his new environment and SPOILED ROTTEN!

In March, we were given the opportunity to have our Big Guy’s littermate sister, she needed to be re-homed from the breeder, so we took her in.  It was a rough transition, more for us than for her.

Our other 2 dogs got used to her pretty quick, but she was a kennel dog, so she had no skills.  She didn’t know how to walk on a leash, she was scared, didn’t know what grass was, didn’t know “no” or “come” or any commands, wasn’t house trained.  She was like a ferrel dog that we just stuck in our pack.  Luckily, she’s transitioned well.

When we brought her home, my husband built a dog run for her in the yard for her to spend her time in, but she didn’t like it.  She enjoys laying by my feet while I work all day.  She also likes to lay on the couch.  She is now very, very spoiled, and loves her new surroundings.

More to come…

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Satin Balls – Doggy Meatballs

My picky eater is around 14 months old, but because he’s SO picky with his eating (he literally won’t eat ANYTHING unless there is a topping on it that he likes, but he won’t eat that topping more than once) he’s become a very skinny dog.  Its like he puts himself on hunger strikes daily…

We give him a good kibble, we’ve been through a couple of different types, it doesn’t make a difference.  We’ve tried the following “toppings” on his food, all he’ll eat once, but not another time:

  • EVOO
  • Chicken broth
  • Sunny-side up egg cut up
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Pea Soup
  • Beef Stroganoff
  • Cooked ground beef

He even turns his nose to the raw food we feed our other dog.  We’ve been researching how to get some weight on our dog, as he looks unhealthily skinny.  We came across “Satin Balls” which are high-calorie doggy meatballs.  We just tried this, and he seems to love it.  We hope to get these mixed in with kibble to get him eating his kibble again, so when we transition off the satin balls, he continues to eat.

We’re right now trying this recipe:


Do you have any tricks for getting picky dogs to eat?

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Happy 9-Month Day!

Today, my “fur-baby” turns 9 months old.  He’s now over 100 lbs, but still as sweet as the day we brought him home!


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Changing Perceptions

1 week ago today, I packed up my oldest pooch, and took him to his new home – my parent’s house. 

At the end of last year, my dogs made my parent’s Christmas letter, where my dad was talking about how I have three large dogs, and that maybe Toby would come live with them, but my mom will not hear of it.

“We cannot have a dog.”  “He will only be an outdoor dog.”  “I cannot have a dog in the house.”  These were all comments my mom made at the end of last year.

In the 1 week since Toby has been at his new house:

  • He’s gone from being an “outdoor only dog” to having free reign of the house and yard.  Basically, the backdoor is open all day, and he can come and go as he pleases.
  • He started sleeping in a crate in the guest room.  After 3 nights in the crate, he’s graduated to sleeping on a big plush Costco dog bed in the guest room with a baby gate in the doorway to keep him from running amok at night.
  • He gets daily walks first thing in the morning
  • He was not allowed on furniture, but now my mom is considering putting a blanket up so he can have a spot.
  • My dad left for an overnight trip, and left the dog with my mom, who took care of him (which she said she’d never do)


I was talking to my mom last night to see how he’s adjusting, and she couldn’t stop raving about how good of a dog he is.  How affectionate he is, how he loves people and is constantly following them around the house.


I love to see people’s perceptions change.  My  mom was always an advocate for little fluffy dogs (you know, yippers).  Now, she thinks that Toby is a great dog, which he is.  They’re all getting very attached to each other.

There will also be other perceptions to change, as my parents live in a very affluent area, and there are not many, if any, pit bulls in the area.  People fear the unknown, so I’m sure people will fear Toby because they don’t know anything about him, all they see is PIT BULL.  Neighbors will soon learn that this dog is a great dog, not a scary Hannibal Lecter (however you spell it) dog living next door.

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Another update

Here’s another update on Toby at his new home.  He seems to be flourishing and enjoying life, so its a good thing he was moved.


He seems much more mellow now.  He did wake me up at 6:20, barking to go out. Today, Toby has started laying on his bed to rest and otherwise watch what is going on.  This morning, Toby tried to get into bed with me but I got him to sleep on his bed.  Good sign.  We went for a longer walk today along the horse trail until we got to a stable.  Toby was fascinated by the horse.  He sat and watched, and wouldn’t even take a treat for being a “good dog.”  We walked back.  Again, Toby didn’t like the “gentle leader” at first, but by the time we were out of the yard he was fine.  Again, no pulling.  We encountered two large dogs on our walk – no incidents whatsoever.  Toby simply sat, watched and took his treat.  The other dogs didn’t bark at Toby.  Success.  I went to work for a few hours this morning/afternoon. Right now, he’s curled up on his bed.

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For those of you who read my “Bittersweet” post from earlier today, here’s an update on how Toby is doing at his new home:


He’s essentially been outside the entire day since about 8:30.  He hasn’t eaten any grass – although he has chewed up where the raccoons and crows have scratched up the grass.  No eating, just chewing and digging.  Toby has also chased every bird that has appeared in the yard, has tried to chase gophers outside the yard, has chased every lizard that has dared to show its face.  He has been running and running and running – and all that after his very behaved walk at 0700.  The only accident was that he lost bladder control over his excitement when I returned home from swimming workout.

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